Music Spotlight: Comedy Songs

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By accident I came across two new musical performers who’ve swept me off my feet. The first is a duo called Paul & Storm. You may have heard them if you’ve listened to the Bob and Tom music show.

The second is Jonathan Coulton, who is quite a prolific song writer you can find on iTunes.

Here is a sample of their work via YouTube and a video artist named Spiff who likes to create music videos through World of Warcraft (another love of mine).

Artist: Paul and Storm
Song: “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament”
Description: A lovely pirate song about too many sailors in one woman’s house.

Artist: Jonathan Coulton:
Song: “Re: Your Brains”
Description: A sweet tune about a zombie who wants to eat his co-worker’s brains.


The Device Has Been Modified (Video)

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More From the Bow Controversy

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Calefornia from the Darrowmere realm posted these screenshots of himself chatting with Zzerg, one of the two hunters in Vicarious who got passed over for Thori’dal which ended up in the hands of Analogkid, a rogue in the guild. Nothing really groundbreaking here. Zzerg just says he’s disappointed in the loot council’s decision, but what’s he gonna do?

But don’t feel too bad for Zzerg, he does carry The Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas

Last night Analogkid came online and was in Shatt. Apparently many folks had put him on their Friends List to alert them when he signed on. There was a flood of “Analogkid is online, he’s standing at blah blah blah” There was a lot of hubbub in the center of the city where I guess players rode their mounts to him and hovered around him, probably whispering their anger at him. He didn’t stay around long to hear their insults and signed off.

It reminded me of the Steve Bartman incident – a Chicago Cubs fan who leaned over the railing to catch a potential foul ball, interrupting Mosies Alou that may have effected the Cubs in Game 6 against the Florida Marlins, and thus the whole city turned on him and he’s been living in hiding ever since.

We’re Rogues, we don’t use ranged weapons much

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There is a post this morning on WoW Insider about an Area 52 Horde guild raiding Sunwell Plataeu where the legendary bow Thori’dal the Star’s Fury dropped and instead of rewarding it to one of the two hunters in the guild, the raid leader instead gave it to a rogue because he had been raiding with the guild longer.

I feel bad for the two hunters. You can read the forum about this topic here and here.

Guild leader of Vicarious posted a message explaining his reasoning for the rogue getting it here.

But Kharhaz makes two statements that are puzzeling. First he says: “I made the decision knowing (unless by some ungodly act of RNG) that the other two hunters would get the bow within a reasonable amount of time and surely before the expansion so they can level without ammo. In order to achieve what we have at such a fast pace, our loot council has always had raid utility as its primary objective.”

Then in the next paragraph he wrote: “Similarly, it wasn’t based on utility, for those who actually thought I gave it to Analogkid so he could stand back and deadly throw his way to victory.”


The reasons the rogue got the legendary bow was due to long term service to the guild, whereas the two hunters were members since June – BUT – shouldn’t that be for weapons that he’ll actually use? Like swords, maces, daggers, etc.? Rogues can “use” bows, yes – but we don’t use them much. Normally we just use them when we’re out and about farming and instead of sneaking up on a mob, we just shoot it and have it come to us. The other 97% of the time the ranged weapon just sits in our pocket. And when do rogues ever use ranged weapons in raids? The main benefit for the rogue having it is to have it. It’ll just be a status symbol for him to flaunt. In fact to a rogue, the bow is a glorified trinket.

If you look at the stats on Thori’dal, it just gives you +17 Agility (not much) +34 Attack Power (not especially outstanding) and +16 Crit Chance (PVP thrown weapons give you more). The real benefit and power of the bow is its damage, the fact it does not require ammo and the increased attack speed that comes with it. Hunters benefit the most from this bow because they’re bread and butter is ranged strikes like Auto Shoot and Steady Shot, we Rogues have no such abilities. We are close range DPS. Hunters won’t need to use a bag slot for ammo anymore, Rogues never use ammo bags.

I don’t see how the guild benefits from this decision. If you were to make a list of Pros and Cons of this decision, Cons would fill the page.

I think common sense is lacking from the Vicarious guild. And considering all the hubbub they’re getting from the rest of the WoW community this is probably a decision that will haunt them for the time being.

My first night in Kara

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I had my first experience in Karazhan last night. I just joined a friendly raiding guild and we went there on my first night. I had obtained the key through the Caverns of Time quest, but never used it. Of course now not everyone needs to have the key to gain entry into Kara. We ventured through until we faced off with the Shade of Aran. We wiped four times trying to beat him. Our group was rather slim. We had two healers, I was the only rogue, and used a Pally as a main tank. There is a part of the Shade fight when he summons four water elementals to fight for him. Our group had a hard time dealing with him and them. The clock struck midnight and the group decided it was getting late, so we stopped our adventure for the evening and try again another day.

My First Night in Naxx

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I was part of a group that raided Naxxramas last night. I had never been inside before. I only got attuned for it a few weeks ago out of boredom. The raid was a PUG, but we did well despite the Vent server not working for a lot of people and many of us were new to Naxx.

We wiped 5 times. Three times during the Four Horsemen fight. Each time we would get a little bit further, like waves going up the beach, killing one horseman, then two, three and finally all four on the last attempt. We also wiped when we fought the Frankinstein dog Gluth and the first time we fought against Kel’Thuzad.

Kel’Thuzad didn’t leave behind a body to pose next to, just a ball of shadow and the words “Do not rejoice… your victory is a hollow one… for I shall return with powers beyond your imagining!” So get ready to see him again in Northrend. – But I don’t understand why The Phylactery of Kel’Thuzad is a quest item that only one player per raid can obtain? It seems like if we all took the time and effort to kill him we should all receive it.

A nice looking shield dropped at one point. It would really go well with a Frost Death Knight (except they can’t use sheilds). That’s another thing – playing Naxxramas made me more itchy to start a Death Knight character. There are a ton of Death Knights and Death Lords in Naxx, as well as ghouls and the voice of the Lich King can be heard, that it really puts you in the mood for WotLK.

I really enjoyed Naxx. I would list it as my favorite dungeon. Kel’Thuzad is my favorite character from Warcraft III and it was great to face off against him.

More Rape

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